If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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Im pretty sure I walk past a lot more cops than that

hahahahaha holy shit

shots fired…. LITERALLY

"The person who broke you can’t be the one to fix you. Remember that."

- Note to self (1/?)

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Check out this lady killer


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

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Today was fun. We found our own private blue lagoon up in the mountains 45 minutes southwest of Reykjavik, Iceland. The water was warmed by the many hot springs located in the area; temperatures were balanced out by the cool water flowing in. Perfect. We were the only people around for miles; our spirits could not be contained.

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"Muscles aching to work, minds aching to create beyond the single need—this is man."

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This is honestly the best poster I have found in a while supporting breast cancer awareness. I am honestly so sick of seeing, “set the tatas free” and “save the boobies”. There is no reason in hell a life threatening, life ruining disease should be sexualized. “Don’t wear a bra day,” go fuck yourselves. You’re not saving a pair of tits, you’re saving the entire package: mind, body, and soul included. Women are not just a pair of breasts.


do you ever get sad attacks and it drains you and you’re just left sitting there like wow this is so uncalled for rude

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Orpheus (1863) — François-Louis Français

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Kitten’s Bodyguard